Shopping Center Stadium

The Shopping Center Stadium offers you a brand new concept of shopping, entertainment and recreation. It combines two passions in one place – shopping and football.

Given that it is the fourth-largest facility in Europe on whose roof is a football pitch whose stands can accommodate 5,000 spectators, the Stadium Shopping Center was built in accordance with modern UEFA standards. Tracking football matches, concerts and cultural events in this place provides a unique experience for all visitors. The area of ​​the retail part of the center is 28,000 square meters where you can find the most famous world and local brands, well-known catering facilities and various entertainment facilities.

Shopping Center Stadium

Shopping Center Stadium

With two underground levels of 800 parking spaces, a retail section and a football stadium, this shopping center belongs to the largest in the old part of Belgrade. On the third floor on a total of 1,220 square meters, there is an exclusive space with a terrace that gives an incredible view of the whole city. The Shopping Center Stadium offers all visitors a great shopping experience with fun and sport pleasure – two passions combined in one place.


The most renowned world and domestic brands that follow the latest fashion trends provide visitors with a wide range of assortments and maximum satisfaction when shopping. Jewelry and accessories stores provide a great offer of fashion details that will complement your style.


A varied gastronomic offer in the pleasant ambient of restaurants, cafes and pastry shops will make you enjoy at all times. Alluring specialties and refreshing beverages represent an excellent choice for all visitors to make a cozy break between shopping and entertainment at the Stadion Shopping Center. Supermarket, pharmacy, bank, post office, optics and hairdresser give you the opportunity to do everything in one place and spend the rest of your free time enjoying shopping.


Within the Shopping Center Stadium there are various entertainment facilities for all visitors. New and spectacular entertainment in the playroom for older children is the 5D cinema! Additional motion simulations and special effects in certain situations reveal the magical enjoyment of watching the movie.

Playground for the youngest visitors, children up to three years old, with various animations make this space an incredibly interesting and fun place. Excellent shopping and fun with sporting pleasure on the football field gives all visitors an incredible experience – two passions combined in one place!

Stadium Shopping Center – come to Vozdovac to enjoy together!

Women’s and Men’s Clothing: H & M ;, Koton, Konstantin-Tex, Tom Tailor, Takko Fashion, C & A ;, New Yorker, Julia & More ;, Sportina, Tally Weijl, Bilitzki stores, Orsay, Legend, N Fashion, Mona, Carvel, Emma Marinoni Camicie; Children’s clothing and toys: Ciciban, Baldino, DEXYCo, Beba Kids, Trefolino; Shoes: Shoes Metro, Deichmann, Office Shoes, Chilly Angel, Shafran, Planika, Shoe Star

Carpisa, La Borsa, Parfois, Argentum, Gift Shop, Zlatarna Celje, Zlatara Sesame, Jewelry Pierre, Watch is Watch; Optics: Optics Lila, Casa dell’Ottica; Market: Roda Megamarket; You know: Extreme intimo, Mila Vitsa; Home decoration: Jysk, Svilanit, Cica’s Home; Sport: Planet sport, Intersport, Sport Vision, Diadora, Dak sport

Stands: Eugen Chocolate Shop, Shop & service ;, Flormar, Cool kitty, Elite Mobile, Ivy balloon; Beauty and health: Lilly, Jasmin, Pharma Galen Pharm, Dramatics hairdresser, Alchemy cosmetics and home, Morena Beauty Studio; Multimedia: Gigatron, Bookstore Vulcan, Ars

Food & Beverage: Bread and Cider, Cherry, City Bar, McDonald’s, KFC, Asia Food, Caribic Pizza, Frozen Yogurt; Dreamland Baby Games Room, Dreamland Kids Game Room, Game Pub Games, Multi 5D Cinema; Games of chance: Slot Club Macao; Services: MTS, Telenor, Posta, Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Trafika Newsstand and tobacco shop, Excellent Exchange, Trafika Permanent, Autopilot Solo.

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