Top Attractions, Shopping and Nightlife

Bangkok is usually thought of as one of the leading shopping destinations on the planet. There are so many outstanding Bangkok shopping places where shoppers can shop till they drop. You are definitely able to find forsale whatever you are looking for. Folks from all over the world travel to Bangkok only so they could go to the terrific shops, stores, markets and stores.

Bangkok is well known because of its pirated DVD movies and applications as well as most of the bogus brand name clothing that can be obtainable in a number of the street side vendors nevertheless there’s also a large quantity of modern departmental stores in the Thai capital city. In such malls you can discover many boutiques and stores out of well known fashion designers and global brand names.

They also offer discounts on selected items just like the online shops where you can get aliexpress coupon code new member special offer. When the shops are on sale, items can get to 40%-50% off and you can also use coupon codes from the rewards you earned whenever you purchase.

Top Attractions, Shopping and Nightlife

Top Attractions, Shopping and Nightlife

There are a lot of shopping venues in Bangkok to list in a Top Attractions, Shopping and Nightlife single article however we have listed and reviewed for you personally some of the very widely used Bangkok shopping venues.

Central World Retail Center

The Central World Shopping Mall in Bangkok is in fact the largest mall in All South East Asia. This Bangkok retail center houses over five hundred stores, various entertainment centers and over fifty restaurants. The largest supermarket found anywhere in Asia can be located at the Central World retail complex.

Pantip Plaza

If you would prefer to purchase some games, software then the ideal location to see in Bangkok is absolutely Pantip Plaza. This large IT retail center consists off countless both small and large computer stores and Pantip Plaza is popular with both community residents as well as tourists. Pantip Plaza is located along Petchaburi road nearby towards the Amari Watergate hotel.

MBK Shopping Mall

If you’re a hardcore shopper then you need to absolutely stop by the MBK mall through your stay in the Thai capital. This wellknown Bangkok shopping mall has eight floors and over two thousand small stores. Opening hours at the MBK mall are daily from 11:00 until 22:00 also it’s located right near the National Stadium Bangkok Sky stop.

Weekend Market

This popular Bangkok market attracts near a quarter of a million shoppers every weekend. Prices for all products available at the fifteen thousand market stalls would be the lowest priced found anywhere in Bangkok that explains why both tourists and Bangkok residents enjoy shopping at the Chatuchak weekend market. Like the discount code Hong Kong you get when you travel or cheap tickets for Amsterdam, there are also special offers you can avail from the Weekend Market such as coupons and items on sale.

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